Xignite Unveils CloudStreaming to Stream Any Data to Any Device with Zero Footprint

September 17, 2015 David Penn

finovate finovatefallThis post is part of our live coverage of FinovateFall 2015.

Financial market data specialist, Xignite is our next presenter of the morning.

“Xignite CloudStreaming is a zero-footprint streaming solution that enables implementing the next generation of innovative financial applications. Traditional streaming services require colocations, physical servers, dedicated lines, scalable production infrastructure, and complexities around ingesting a full data feed such as proprietary legacy protocols and replay and recovery logic. With Xignite CloudStreaming, you can stream to any device just the data that you want through a simple HTTP GET call.”

Presenting Stephane Dubois (CEO & Founder) and Anand Vidwanathan (Developer)

stephane dubois xignite

xignite CloudStreaming

Product Launch: September 2015
Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B)

HQ: San Mateo, CA
Founded: 2006
Website: xignite.com
Twitter: @xignite

Source: Finovate

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