Xignite Teams up With 21 Firms to Launch #FintechRevolution API Ecosystem

September 17, 2015 Ron Finberg

Xignite is launching a new program called #FintechRevolution as they partner with 21 other fintech market data API firms and incubators.

finance magnates fintechA financial market data provider, Xignite is aiming to become a ‘one-stop shop’ for developers to source market information. As part of their model, Xignite has created numerous APIs of market data which can be distributed individually per asset type as well as fundamental information such as figures that can be implemented to build economic calendars and financial reports of stocks.

Expanding their available information distributed via API, Xignite is launching a new program called #FintechRevolution. The program is a partnership with 21 other firms and is a collection of data vendors and fintech incubators. Among the data vendors include Estimize, Yodlee, StockTwits, TipRanks, AutoChartist and PsychSignal. Incubators participating in the program cover the major fintech hotspots withValueStream Labs in New York City, Draper University in Silicon Valley, London’s Level39 and Fintech Sandbox that is based in Boston.

With the partnership, in addition to Xignite’s market data APIs, developers will gain access to non-traditional APIs such as trading sentiment, crowdsourced stock ratings and corporate governance records.

Commenting on the launch of the program, Greg Neufeld, Founding Partner at ValueStream stated: “The financial services industry is being reinvented from the ground up. We wouldn’t be investing our time, relationships and capital if we didn’t believe that the transformational changes happening today are merely the tip of the iceberg. Startups and enterprises alike must plug into one another to build a better and stronger moat for the future. The #FintechRevolution API Ecosystem initiative better enables data and content integration across the financial services ecosystem, and we’re excited to be a part of this movement.”

Source: Finance Magnates

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