ChartIQ, Xignite Partner for Financial Data Widgets [News]

April 7, 2015 Dan DeFrancesco

Waters Technology FintechCharlottesville, VA-based HTML5 financial charting provider ChartIQ and San Mateo, Calif.-based on-demand cloud data provider Xignite have released a set of market data widgets for providing financial websites, investor relations sites and mobile apps with market data.

Driven by the demands of mutual customers, ChartIQ and Xignite developed four widgets -
MarketX, InvestorX, ChartX and CalendarX - over a five-month period, after deciding to turn an
informal relationship based on serving mutual clients with overlapping needs for charts and data
into a formal partnership to develop specific tools, says Dan Schleifer, co-founder and president
of ChartIQ.

"There are companies that have a need to not only have market data, but to display it in a way
that is beautiful, engaging, responsive, and works on mobile. The systems that were out there
were just kind of very ugly ‘Web 1.0' approaches to displaying market data," Schleifer says.

"So between our expertise around not just charting, but the display of market data and making it
easy to understand and actionable, and obviously the massive breadth of data Xignite has, it
just made perfect sense that we'd partner up on it."

The concept for the four different widgets was devised in response to customer needs, with
each representing a theme that firms are using to try to modernize their offerings, Schleifer

Schleifer says the HTML5 front end places the widgets at the forefront of the evolution taking
place in financial software development as firms look for more interactive technologies than
Flash, Silverlight and Java that can work on a variety of platforms.

"The reality is that in every other facet of our lives we expect everything to work as well on our
phone as it does on our laptop. When we talk about capital markets, it hasn't been that way,"
Schleifer says. "If you're a professional trader or a professional analyst, the tools you have
available on your desktop are completely different and of a different caliber than what you have 
available on mobile. At ChartIQ, our bread and butter is delivering that same professionalquality
tool from the desktop all the way down to the tablet and the phone."

The biggest benefit of the partnership is that it allows each vendor to focus on their strengths,
instead of trying to play in both the data and display spaces, which has led other companies to
failure in the past, Schleifer says.

"By doing this partnership, where we focus on the one thing that we do great, and they do the
same, it has allowed us to come up with something that's really not just incrementally better, but
a far greater magnitude better than anything else that is out on the market," he adds.

Source: Inside Market Data

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