10 Amazing Fintech Apps for the Apple Watch

June 24, 2015 Kerry Langstaff

Call me a slow early adopter. I just received my Apple Watch Sport in the mail yesterday. After trying out the different watch faces and silly animated imoticons, I immediately downloaded the apps from our (Xignite) clients.

I was anxious to know if I could really monitor my spending (a bit high this month on technology purchases) and portfolio performance from my wrist. Just how intrusive was it going to be to get a tap whenever there was a news alert for a stock I follow?  

Day 2 and all is great! These  companies get it! The apps they have created for the Apple Watch extend the ease of use and functionality of their iPhone and web solutions. I really can make a live stock trade from my wrist! It's exciting to see financial companies adapting their solutions to wearable technology. Check these apps out!

10 Amazing Fintech Apps for the Apple Watch 
These 10 fintech companies are using technology and Xignite real-time and reference market data to radically change the world of online investing and trading. From $0 commission trades to crowdsourced themes, these apps provide the tools for investors of any level. Check out these apps from
 Personal CapitalMotif InvestingBettermentSigFigRobinhoodSeeking AlphaOpenFolioCall LevelsStockfuse and Tough Turtle.


Personal CapitalMotif InvestingBettermentSigFigRobinhood

Seeking AlphaOpenfoliocall levels simple financialStockfuseStockwatch


Full disclosure:  The Apple Watch apps shown are offered by Xignite fintech clients. Xignite provides the real-time and reference market data that power the sophisticated algorithms of these solutions.

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