Xignite unveils Splice -- First Integration-As-A-Service platform and community for composite web service development

February 11, 2008

Corporate Developers Empowered to Create, Share Custom Web Services

NEW YORK, NY February 11, 2008--Xignite, Inc., the leading pure-play provider of financial web services for mission-critical corporate applications, today announced the launch of Xignite Splice, the industry's first supply-side web services platform. Splice is open to all corporate developers who wish to create and share new composite web services at http://splice.xignite.com. The announcement was made at 2008 Web Services/SOA on Wall Street Conference, held today in New York.

The Xignite Splice platform helps corporate developers compose and publish custom web services that mash up existing web services into a single, more complex composite web service. Splice’s patent-pending functionality is able to handle heavy-duty data transformation with high scalability and reusability to create industrial-strength web services. These advanced composite web services are then supplied as building blocks in the development of enterprise mashups, composite applications and other service-oriented business applications by business analysts and other power users.

“While many business processes are rapidly moving to the software-as-a-service model, integration has remained a persistent challenge with both custom and packaged software,” said Stephane Dubois, CEO of Xignite. “Developers around the world still write and run code on their servers to integrate disparate systems and data sources – they are looking for a better way. Xignite Splice offers Integration-as-a-Service. IT developers use it to create custom data views or processes from scattered information sources and with zero-software and zero-infrastructure required to make their custom web services work.”

Developers using the Splice platform can mix and mash any of Xignite's 50 available financial web services with web services from third party sources. Corporate developers can even mash up web service-enabled enterprise data stores, such as those from common applications like Salesforce or SAP, to create truly unique composite web services. Developers can publish their new services to the community, along with possible consumption scenarios. Over time, Xignite Splice will feature a growing library of community-created composite web services.

“The community approach delivers a significant amount of value to the mashup environment and offloads much of the governance and management burden,” explains Gartner analyst Anthony Bradley in his recent report, “Reference Architecture for Enterprise Mashups” (Gartner, Inc., September 7, 2007). “The community can police itself by helping to determine which mashups are most effective and easiest to use. Community sharing also enhances the value of mashups and mashup components by reducing duplicate capabilities, decreasing development time and increasing efficiency. Community participation can illuminate the highly valuable mashups and perhaps elevate them from being user-managed tools to enterprise IT-managed ones. The enterprise IT organization should strive to leverage the benefits of community in delivering and managing an enterprise mashup environment.”

“Even with the proliferation of mashup application tools in the market today, it is still too challenging to locate relevant and easy to use web services,” said Dubois. “This has been one of the main hindrances to the deployment of SOA and enterprise mashups. There are too few services with low business relevance and limited applicability for the unique requirements of most enterprises, and the development process is still laborious. Xignite Splice fills a void on the supply-side of the mashup ecosystem, simplifying the coding required when mashing up reusable services in new composite applications.”

Xignite Splice consists of three major components:

    • Splice Studio

Splice Studio is a visual web service development environment designed for developers and supporting advanced transformations, instant availability, and support for inbound SOAP based services and for outbound SOAP, REST, POX, JSON based services.

    • Splice Infrastructure

Xignite Splice operates on the same infrastructure powering Xignite’s commercial financial web services It is scalable to tens of thousands of web services and hundreds of millions of requests per month with an industrial-strength foundation supporting authentication, usage tracking, and high availability (99.9% and above).

    • Splice Community

The heart of Xignite Splice is its support for a community of corporate developers with features such as private and public services, rankings, evaluations, and robust documentation.

In the future, IT solution providers offering custom application development may choose to repackage and resell Xignite services as new composite applications offered to end user clients. Platforms like Splice may become part of a “web services supply chain” in which royalties are paid to web service suppliers and source data providers up and down the chain. Business analysts and power users of composite application and mashup development platforms like JackBe or Microsoft may ultimately prefer composite web services because they instantiate a higher level of business value and applicability to the applications they help create.

About XigniteXignite (pronounced "x-ignite") is the leading pure-play provider of financial web services for mission-critical corporate applications. Xignite offers the broadest integrated suite of financial web services available today with more than 50 commercial-grade solutions covering market quotes, news, corporate data, industry information, analytics, tools and more. As a pioneer in the field, Xignite's comprehensive platform brought the on-demand model popularized by Salesforce.com in enterprise software market to the financial market information industry. Xignite fulfills more than 600M service requests per month, powering mission-critical applications for portfolio management, sales management, trading, investor relations, corporate portals, executive dashboards, analytical engines and more. Xignite serves more than 350 global clients, including Ameriquest, GE Commercial Finance, Goodyear, ING, McDonald's, Marsh & McLennan, Starbucks, and Wendy's. For more information, please visit Xignite at www.xignite.com or call 1-866-XML-SOAP.

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