Xignite to offer on-demand real-time US Treasury prices from Tullett Prebon Information

June 6, 2008

SAN MATEO, Calif. June 6, 2008--Xignite, Inc., a leading provider of on-demand web services for mission-critical financial applications, today announced an agreement with Tullett Prebon Information, a leading provider of real-time price information from the wholesale inter-dealer broker financial markets. The agreement will allow Xignite to deliver Tullett Prebon Information’s TreasuryMarker® data covering US Treasury bills, notes and bonds as part of the XigniteMoneyMarkets web service -an on-demand solution allowing firms to integrate global treasury and swap information with their applications in just three lines of code. XigniteMoneyMarkets is used by financial institutions that need accurate and reliable money market information to power their workstations and portals, but want to eliminate the high infrastructure and development costs typically associated with such projects. TreasuryMarker® is Tullett Prebon Information’s flagship product which offers real-time indicative prices and yields for the global government debt markets. TreasuryMarker® is an invaluable pricing source for global government debt. It provides highly accurate prices and yields on the full run of issues for each country. "Tullett Prebon Information is delighted to partner with Xignite as one of the original pioneers of web services in the financial market data industry. Xignite will help create new opportunities to integrate our data easily into service-oriented applications," said Mike Kirby, Head of the Americas at Tullett Prebon Information. "We are noticing a progressive shift in the way financial institutions want to receive market data," added Mr. Kirby. "Five years ago, most firms took for granted the fact that market data integration projects were complex and took time. Now, firms are demanding easier and more flexible ways to deliver high-quality market data into their applications." "Xignite is very pleased to be working with Tullett Prebon Information, considering its worldwide reputation for data quality and its extensive data coverage" said Stephane Dubois, Founder and CEO of Xignite. "Our clients have embraced the ease of integration and zero-infrastructure benefits our web services technology delivers, but they have also requested greater accuracy and increased coverage of specialty data. Our partnership with Tullett Prebon Information will allow us to fill that gap. We look forward to integrating more Tullett Prebon Information data on our platform as demand expands." About Tullett Prebon plc and Tullett Prebon Information Tullett Prebon Information (TPI) is a leading provider of independent real-time price information from the wholesale inter-dealer brokered financial & commodity markets. TPI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tullett Prebon, a fully diversified inter-dealer broker and a principal source of market information for TPI. Tullett Prebon (www.Tullettprebon.com) operates as an intermediary in wholesale financial markets facilitating the trading activities of its clients, in particular commercial and investment banks. The business now covers seven major product groups: Volatility, Rates, Non Banking & Sterling Cash, Treasury, Energy, Credit, Environmental, and Equities. Tullett Prebon's electronic broking division offers electronic solutions to some of these products. Tullett Prebon has its principal offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, with other offices, joint ventures and affiliates in Bahrain, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Calgary, Frankfurt, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Luxembourg, Manila, Mumbai, Paris, Salt Lake City, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney, Toronto, Warsaw and Zurich. For further press information regarding Tullett Prebon please contact: Bill Blase, Cathy Loos, or Stephanie Kuffner at W.T. Blase & Associates Tel: 212 221 1079 cloos@wtblase.com About Xignite Xignite (pronounced "x-ignite") is the leading pure-play provider of financial web services for mission-critical corporate applications. Xignite offers the broadest integrated suite of financial web services available today with more than 50 commercial-grade solutions covering market quotes, news, corporate data, industry information, analytics, tools and more. As a pioneer in the field, Xignite's comprehensive platform brought the on-demand model popularized by Salesforce.com in enterprise software market to the financial market information industry. Xignite fulfills more than 600M service requests per month, powering mission-critical applications for portfolio management, sales management, trading, investor relations, corporate portals, executive dashboards, analytical engines and more. Xignite serves more than 350 global clients, including Ameriquest, GE Commercial Finance, Goodyear, ING, McDonald's, Marsh & McLennan, Starbucks, and Wendy's. For more information, please visit Xignite at www.xignite.com or call 1-866-XML-SOAP. For further press information regarding Xignite please contact: Joyce Leung Telp: (650) 288-1202 Email: jleung@xignite.com
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