Xignite and Direct Edge Partner to Deliver Historical Market Data-On-Demand

October 10, 2011

EdgeBook Cloud Emerges as New Innovative, Value-Added Product

San Mateo, CA – October 10, 2011 - Xignite, Inc., the leading financial market data cloud provider, today announced that they have partnered with Direct Edge to develop a new cloud service for historical trade and quote data called EdgeBook Cloud, powered by Xignite’s technology platform. "Direct Edge is at the forefront of a new generation of exchanges," according to Stephane Dubois, CEO of Xignite. "We are excited to be helping Direct Edge innovate ways to deliver valuable data to the financial community." EdgeBook Cloud is a suite of products that will provide an easy, flexible way to access Direct Edge historical trade and quote data. The service will enable customers such as compliance officers, electronic traders, analysts and academics to retrieve order book replays of the market day as well as the capability to select and obtain specific segments of historical data to use for back-testing and analysis. With three distinct delivery mechanisms, EdgeBook Cloud will create resource and cost efficiencies by allowing customers to retrieve only the data they need in a format that best fits their analysis and testing objectives, all of which helps to simplify and streamline work flow. "Xignite’s Global Market Data Cloud enables us to provide an innovative, valued-added product with a rapid time-to-market," said Kevin Carrai, Head of Member and Connectivity Services at Direct Edge. "By expanding our suite of products and services to include cost-effective and flexible solutions for market data, we further our commitment to be a premiere source for marketplace connectivity and a true one-stop shop for our customers." Xignite’s award-winning platform delivers optimal operational efficiency. Direct Edge’s solution will be fully-automated and self-serviceable. Beyond simply replacing traditional files and feeds, Xignite helps exchanges connect with their customers in all new ways. About Xignite Xignite is the leading financial market data cloud provider, offering more than 50 financial cloud APIs and fulfilling more than five billion service requests per month for real-time, historical and reference data covering global equities, commodities, currencies, options, fixed income, mutual funds, derivatives and OTC instruments. The Xignite market data cloud powers mission-critical applications for financial services front, middle and back office, financial websites, investor relations, corporate ERP and BI, e-commerce, and mobile for more than 900 clients in 47 countries, including Citi, GE, Wells Fargo, ING, BNY Mellon, Natixis, Forbes.com, SeekingAlpha, ExxonMobil, Starbucks, Netsuite, and Barrick Gold. The award-winning XigniteOnDemand cloud platform also provides new online channels for stock exchanges, trading venues, OTC brokers and market data originators including CME Group, NASDAQ OMX, BGCantor and Pearson. For more information, please visit www.xignite.com or call 1-866-XML-SOAP. About Direct Edge Direct Edge offers the next generation of displayed markets. Direct Edge utilizes two independent exchange platforms — EDGA and EDGX — and unique order types to match complementary forms of liquidity based on sensitivity to transaction cost, fill rate and fill speed, while maintaining high execution quality and low latencies. Headquartered in Jersey City, N.J., Direct Edge is owned by a consortium that includes the International Securities Exchange, Knight Capital Group, Inc., Citadel Derivatives Group, The Goldman Sachs Group, and J.P. Morgan. More information about Direct Edge is available at www.directedge.com. Everybody Needs Some Edge. Media Contact: Maria Canul Xignite Inc. mcanul [at] xignite.com +1.650.655.3700
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