Symphony, & Xignite Challenge Bloomberg

October 6, 2016 Kerry Langstaff

Today the who's who of the finance industry are gathering at the invite-only Symphony Innovate 2016  conference in New York to discuss how we all can work, collaborate, and chat a lot cheaper using the Symphony communications platform rather than the "legacy enterprise system."  And among the dignitaries on stage, Xignite will be there too, well at least our market data will. ​

Symphony will showcase Xignite market data in an app demo at the conference. Symphony's developer team built a simple stock quote app in just a couple of hours using Xignite market data APIs to provide the real-time quotes. The app provides quotes, intraday tick data, and other stock market data statistics. Following the conference the app will be housed on the Symphony Developer Portal to demonstrate the seamless integration of Xignite market data APIs with Symphony’s communication platform. 

But that is not the only app that Xignite data is powering at the conference. Although Symphony claims they are not a "Bloomberg killer" they have partnered with Xignite client, who has developed an alternative to  the expensive Bloomberg terminal. Morgan Downey, CEO, previously  was Global Head of Commodities at Bloomberg and managed development of the Bloomberg Professional Terminal. Morgan will be speaking at the conference and showing off the terminal solution, which, wait for it, is powered by Xignite market data. For more information on and Xignite Read Case Study.

Companies like Symphony and are offering alternatives that are fundamentally transforming how the financial community collaborates, and Xignite is disrupting how these firms will consume market data. I look forward to what is next.


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