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Overview Whether trading for quick profits or investing for the long term, individuals have long been disadvantaged when it comes to dealing with the financial markets. In the past the issue was lack of information—those not working directly in the market or with a broker or financial advisor found it hard to obtain good information. Today the issue is one of information overload. There's a limitless supply of economic and company news, suggestions, ideas, trading advice, warnings and opinions issued each business day. The challenge for the individual today is discerning what is real and of value versus all the noise, self-serving advice or opinions, and outright bad or misleading information available in the marketplace. The fact that most individuals trade or invest in an isolated fashion serves to exacerbate the situation. With so much information constantly flowing, it's impossible for any one person to stay abreast of the real issues influencing the markets and individual stocks while steering clear of all else. Providing a communications platform for the financial community capable of addressing the inherent disadvantages while serving to level the playing field by enabling traders and investors to share real-time ideas and information was the goal of Coronado, Calif.-based StockTwits, started in 2008 by renowned angel investor and entrepreneur Howard Lindzon, co-founder and CEO. "StockTwits is a social product allowing investors and traders to communicate in real time what they are seeing and what they think might happen. Allowing them to share charts, information and predictions," says StockTwits Product Director Justin Paterno. "It gives them a real advantage over the average investor. They are privy to information much faster. Until the advent of StockTwits, this type of communication was really only available to the guy on the trading desk at a Goldman Sachs, where there is a trading floor with hundreds of people chatting and talking all day long. We give the average trader or investor the ability to do that…within an entire community of people." Stock Market Data Visualization iPhone App Case Study " We found Xignite's APIs to be very easy to work with and implement, offering multiple data formats. Xignite's broad global coverage means that adding international market data is a simple and straightforward proposition. " — Chris Corriveau CTO StockTwits

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