How Gaining One Second Will Affect Stock Market Data

June 30, 2015 Kerry Langstaff

Stock Market DataTonight at 23:59:60 UTC we gain one second.  This adjustment to the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is designed to account for when the  Earth's rotation drifts away from atomic time because of irregularities in the Earth's rate of rotation. This one second adjustment will impact all computer systems around the world.

At Xignite, some of our real-time and delayed market data APIs will be affected by this adjustment. The inbound feeds we receive for markets open during that time will apply a workaround (leap smear) in which they will digest the additional second during approximately 40 minutes (2400 seconds). During this period each second will take 1/2400 seconds (0.4ms) longer than usual until the full 1000ms are added. The time 23:59:60 will not be presented to any of our systems, and therefore will not be disseminated by our APIs.

For the U.S. markets, the leap second occurs during extended hours trading. The U.S. exchanges are planning to stop trading ½ hour earlier so that trading is not affected. Based on our analysis, preparations and precautions, we are not expecting any impact. Regardless, our technical staff will be on high alert during the night of June 30th to be able to react swiftly to any issues that might arise. 

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